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Basic Practice will work with you onsite to address your company's issues concerning project management. We will assess, identify and recommend the necessary methodology, tools & techniques best suited to your company's overall strategic goals.

Project Management Maturity (PMM) Assessment
Project Management Implementation (Methodology & PMO)
Project Management Support

Project Management Maturity (PMM) Assessment

We start the consultative process with an assessment of your current project management state, identify gaps, strengths, weaknesses and based on the information we gather, we make the necessary recommendations on how to improve the PM capabilities of your company which will result in improved quality and performance of your projects leading to reduced costs.

This process takes about 2-3 business days depending on the the size of your organization and will provide you with a transparent overview on your company's project management maturity capability. This assessment takes into account your: people, processes and tools. 

After our assessment, we can also provide further support by coaching your project office or project managers to improve upon the way they manage current projects or help you implement a plan to take you to the next step in your project management maturity level.

Project Management Implementation

We will guide you in selecting and implementing a suitable project management methodology aligned to your organizational goals.

We will assist you in building a project management office (PMO) to standardize all company projects irrespective of size. Tailored to your organization's project types, management and staff capabilities and culture, the PMO will provide your company with knowledge, skills and tools to effectively manage and implement all your projects.

The implementation will be a multi-phased process slowly making the necessary changes within your organization to your processes, integrating the new tools & techniques, coaching your team on the new skills required and preparing your organization for this change.

This will effectively result in reducing cost and time to implement projects and optimize your project management. Furthermore it will improve project quality and provide internal and external stakeholder satisfaction.

Project Management Support

You can contract us to provide knowledge support in any stage of your project management life cycle from initiation to closure. We can help you gain control of your projects - reduce cycle time, improve communication, develop realistic schedules for your projects and keep them on track. 

To find out how we can help you, please send us an email today at consulting@basicpractice.com




Project Management Consulting & Support

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